5 new ways to lose weight, Davika tells you all Secret

During the period of vertigo Can not exercise hard. New Davika has a few simple tips to answer questions. How to keep your body from breaking!
          Young ladies may have wondered what kind of weight loss celebrities are. Or is there a secret to keeping a perfect figure all the time Today I have eyes because the new girl Davika is kind to share how to lose weight. Of myself completely But the new style of weight loss formula Davika will be like.
The story is that there was a period when Mai Davika had a whirlwind. Can’t move quickly for weeks Until she gained about 3-5 kilograms of weight, she had to get up and get fit again. In order to reclaim the figure that has enough crunchy abs.

By this time, Mai Davika will not ambush to change his own body quietly, but also share how to lose weight to the fans according to the request. Before hearing the new style of slimming, Davika had 4 small notices that she had asked for before:

1. Please exercise discretion when viewing.

2. No drama

3. Weight loss is recommended under the supervision of a physician.

4. Do not stress.

1.Lose weight with IF

          8/16 is the IF formula that the new girl made, that is, eating during 8 hours and no food for 16 hours, focusing on the time to eat. To give the body a period of pulling out the accumulated fat Which the new girl also secretly told me that this method of losing weight is really good for her body.

2. Reduce starch and sugar.

          Now you can only cut down on the starch and sugar. Not yet advanced But who is convenient Especially sugar, sweet food that is not beneficial to the body. New girls recommend doing it.

3. Walk 2 kilometers a day or more

          Brisk walking and hula hooping It’s a good way to exercise that helps you lose weight. She recommends moving the body all the time. Or you can walk at a speed of 2 kilometers per day And who wants a waist Extra hula hooping is recommended.

4. Drink lots of water.

          Mai Davika drinks about 1.5 liters of water per day, or who wants to drink more, the better. Because drinking lots of water will help you do better if you do.

5. Take vitamin replacement.

          When we lose weight, we tend to eat less food, so some vitamins or supplements will help replace what we are missing.

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