9 advantages of hugging a child, great love touches Give more than you think

9 advantages of hugging a child, great love touches Give more than you think.

9 benefits of hugging a child that will let parents know How good is it to embrace and kiss your little one every day?

I cannot deny that When people are sick or looking for good things to keep the body healthy Often turn to the science of medicine or medicine But do you know that we all actually have a magic potion that can be easily obtained from our little ones. Which the drug is said to be “embracing” today, the jar.com would like to raise 9 advantages of hugging children Come to guarantee properties And make your parents appreciate the importance of hugging your child every day How beneficial is it to the physical and mental health of everyone? The certification this time do not have to go looking for expensive drugs anyway ^^

1. Mothers produce more milk

When a mother embraces her baby with love The brain releases the hormone oxytocin, better known as the love hormone (the love hormone), from the posterior pituitary gland. Which is a hormone that is extremely useful for both mother and child It helps your mother’s body to produce more milk more efficiently and in volume. As a result, the baby receives enough milk for growth. It also strengthens the baby’s immune system completely. Good as well.

2. Relieve stress.

In addition to the hormone, Oxytocin will stimulate the milk. It also acts to fight the hormone cortisol (Cortisol) or stress hormone. Help to make both mother and child feel more relaxed, peaceful, and sleep better. Observe from the fact that the little ones of many people prickly make their parents embrace them when they go to bed. Or even babies themselves can be incredibly calm. When in your mother’s warm embrace.

3. Stimulate the work of the lungs and heart.

When the mother holds or holds the baby close to her chest. This will make your child hear our pulse clearly and most likely will automatically begin to breathe according to the mother’s heartbeat. Considered to train the lungs and heart Including the child’s respiratory system is normal The mother may pat the baby gently in a constant rhythm with it.

4. Help to balance body temperature.

Also, babies have weak and sensitive skin. Making it impossible to cope with the weather as well as adults like us Frequent touching or hugging your baby, especially in winter Thus helping to keep warm And adjust your baby’s body temperature to maintain a constant balance.

5. Strengthen your child’s immune system.

It is said according to the science of yoga. Touching each other It is like the transfer of natural electrical charges from one person to another. When do we embrace a baby body-to-skin? The energy from the parents is passed on to your child’s body. It is recommended to use warm palms to gently press down on your baby’s chest during the hug. Because it stimulates the center of the body Helps control and maintain the balance of white blood cells. Ready to fight all diseases.

6. Make your baby feel warm and safe.

It is very important to hug your baby, especially the baby. Because it is an age when the eyes and ears are not fully grown Making it possible to receive the senses by touching only If the diligent mother carries the little one, hugs him, and touches with love Being affectionate often will help your baby feel warm and safe, as well as reduce fussing.

7. Make your child know their own worth.

Because young children have unstable emotional development Make it possible to be overbearing Or demanding attention from other people Hugging him tightly is the best help. Because it will make the child feel that he is still important Also be desired And still receive love from others I assure you that growing up, your child will have confidence. Have confidence And know your own worth Even if you get hugs more often, it helps to emphasize that You will still have parents who care about Cheer up And always ready to give love to your child No matter how bad you go out to meet with anything.

8. Helps reduce aches and pains.

For the parents who regularly suffer from muscle pain Tell me the good magic is at your fingertips. If you hold your baby in your arms You will immediately feel that the accumulated tension is lightening As a result, different muscles are relaxed as well. That is because the body releases endorphin hormones or substances of happiness.

9.It’s the best punishment.

Talking about innocent children That can sometimes be wrong without knowing or because of being mischievous If parents want to admonish I recommend that hugging is a very effective punishment. More than grabbing a stick for sure Because the warmth of an embrace will make the child feel that He was forgiven Not afraid of being abandoned by his parents But do not forget to explain the negative consequences of your child’s actions at that time. The little ones will understand clearly. And remember this as a lesson Do not repeat any mistakes in the future.

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