Include hip stretching Relieve stiffness-back pain fractures to the legs when sitting for a long time.

Hip pain, stiffness, widespread numbness, or repeated back pain Try to fix with a hip stretch. Stretches the lower back muscles Let the symptoms of suffering disappear
          For people who have to sit for a long time or stay in the same position repeatedly, they may suffer from hip stiffness. Lower back pain And some people still have leg pain Or frequent numbness, all of which can be alleviated by stretching the hip and leg muscles. Anyway, let’s practice.

 Stretch with a chair

 – place one leg on a chair with a cushion

– Fold your legs like a cross-legged pose. And position the thighs to attach to the cushion

– stretch the other leg back

– Stretch your back straight, then slowly lean forward. But if someone can’t sit with a straight back Then let him lean against the seat

– Lean down and press his legs with his elbows. Try to keep all the legs attached to the cushion.

– Hold the position for 10-30 seconds and then switch to do the other side.

Yoga hip flexors

In this clip, there are 6 stretches of yoka, back and hips that can be performed continuously. Or you can choose to do just some positions

Position 1

          – Sit with your back straight, move your feet together in a cross-legged position.

– Inhale, slowly stretching straight

– Exhale, slowly leaning down forward and hold the position for 5 breaths in – out. This position is felt in the outer hip area.


Position 2

          – then do the butterfly pose Pull the soles closer to the body, hands holding the toes.

– Inhale and straighten up

– Exhale, slowly leaning down. This position will help loosen the inner leg muscles.

Position 3

          – Slowly straighten up, then stretch your legs forward, legs close together, feet straight up.

– Inhale, raise your hands high

– Exhale, stretch, then bend down to touch the toes and hold the position for 5 breaths – out.

– Inhale, raise your hands high, exhale, lower your hands.

Position 4

          – Stretch your legs straight back straight, then cross your right leg over to your left leg. The soles are placed against the ground.

– Stretch your left arm over your head Then put the elbow on the right knee outside.

– Reach out to the side of the hip.

– twist to the right His right-hand touches the floor behind him. Take five long deep breaths.

– Turning back, stretching your right leg forward. Then switch to the left.

Position 5

          – Lie on your back, knees up, feet apart, hip-width.

– Put hands-on both ankles. Place your arms at your sides and inhale.

– Exhale, lift your hips up high. Try to stretch the body to the chest as close to the chin as possible. By pressing the shoulder blades against the ground Try not to lift the shoulder blades along the body. Hold the position for a while.

– Then lower your hips and lie down on the floor.

– Lift the knee, lift the right leg on the left knee.

– Insert the right arm into the space between the legs. Then join hands, hug the left knee, exhale

– Inhale, slowly leaning the left knee towards the body and hold for 5 breaths in – out. This will help loosen the muscles under the right hip.

– Switch to do the other side

Position 6

          – Lie down on the ground Raise both knees.

– Raise your legs so that the front of the legs are close to the abdomen.

– Spread your arms flat on the shoulder level.

– Exhale, press the knee down to the left. Keep the legs as close to the ground as possible. And facing to the right


– Inhale, lift your leg up, return to the starting position.

– Exhale, press down on the right Keep the legs as close to the ground as possible. Facing to the left

– Do alternate 2-3 times on each side, then keep the knees straight. Hands hold your knees and breathe

– Exhale, lift your head close to your knees.

– Restores right arm stretch overhead

– Lie on your side on the right side Left hand leaned to the right. Put your left hand beside your body.

– Gently push the floor with your left hand to sit up.

Easy exercise posture in bed

This clip contains 3 stretches of yoka, back, and hips, which can be performed continuously. Or you can choose to do just some positions

Position 1

          – Prepare 1 bolster

– Begin with a crawling pose Step right foot forward

– Move your right foot directly behind the left wrist. Let your toes touch the back of your wrists. Knees touch the back of the right wrist.

– Insert the bolster under the hip To lock the foot from moving backward And also supports his hips

– Gently walk your hand forward With his head down This will help loosen the muscles under your right hip. And may feel tense in the front leg muscles as well

– stretch your arms forward Or the elbow Whichever position feels more comfortable, hold the position for 1 minute or less than 5 minutes.

– Slowly pull back to the original place

– Switch to do the other side

Position 2

          – In the crawl

– cross right leg crossed with left leg Let the toes point out to the side.

– Stretch your back straight, slowly exhale and lean forward. Both arms are attached to the bed floor.

– Take a deep breath and slowly release your breath.

– Inhale, return the position and switch to the other side

Position 3

          – Gently lie down on the bed

– Raised the left knee Place your right foot across the number 4 and hug your knees and lean towards you

– Take a long, deep breath and slowly relax.

– Switch to hug the other knee
Or if you want to stretch other muscles in your body as well You can try these poses.

Align bones to reduce pain in the lower back

– Lie down on a yoga mat Raise both knees. Arms attached to the body
– Lift your right foot and press the left knee to the right. The body turns to the left and hold for 5 seconds.
– Return to the starting position Then lift your left foot, press the right knee to the left. Body turn to the right and hold for 5 seconds
– Repeat 10 times per side.

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